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Please see what students from batch-1 wanted to say about internship program.

Krishna Prassanth

It’s more of a mentorship program than internship. I have invested in lakhs and joined may courses so far. Believe me, I haven’t completed anything with utmost dedication like I did for this program. This is the real beauty of this learning model. When life happens, we do forget the courses or classes we have joined. But this one is my priority right now on a day to day basis, irrespective of any personal issues.

Anuran Das

Most of the people fail in digital marketing arena due to the lack of practical knowledge and a proper mentor. This programme is all about getting guidance from the right mentor and slowly slowly with each assignment learning the practical facts of digital marketing.
Deepak Sir is sharing all his insights on how to become a good marketer and making us skilled with ever assignment. He is making us do the assignments for having an end to end idea on every aspect of digital marketing. Words will fall short to express my gratitude towards Deepak Kanakaraju Sir and Harlien Harliien Man Madam.
Trust me, failure is next to impossible if you work hard in this internship.

Karankumar Kharbanda

If you are ready to take massive action with positive pressure this Internship is for you.
I never made any videos but I came out better by doing research and created video for queries related to Interns.
The confidence it built in me is at new level.
It will put you an habit & Create attitude in you , to work more than your potential.
First take Internship program then After Internship with the new developed attitude you can impart any knowledge, skills or courses you will complete all your important goals in life.